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“Yoga is meant to bring the soul union with the Supreme One. In the Western culture, yoga is mostly understood to be an exercise program learned in a yoga studio with certified yoga teachers. The certification to be a yoga teacher these days is very costly for most people. This may end up excluding those who are spiritually gifted and should be able to teach yoga. Yoga is a lot more than an exercise routine. I have included the teachings on the physical yoga exercises in this website for instructional purposes. It is best to concentrate mainly on the more spiritual teachings of yoga, the guidelines for a moral life, and the philosophical yoga teachings included. Yoga was always taught from student to teacher, usually verbally in the traditional way for thousands of years. Students were able to live with their teacher and progress very quickly. Today, through the internet, I know that many of us have been able to connect, whereby we can share and increase the light in this world through our hearts bonded together.

Shakti Ananda Yoga is non-denominational and everyone is welcome to study the Path of Maha Shakti.

Shakti Ananda Yoga teachings will assist you in every way to blossom into the rose of your inner true Self.

I would love to share this site with you, and I hope and pray that in this life you can realize your full potential to move on to higher realms of light and expression for your soul’s fulfillment. Shakti Ananda Yoga teaches you how lead a healthy and balanced life through the ancient mystical teachings of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, meditation, and philosophy of the Himalayan Masters. Shakti Ananda Yoga also upholds the teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Shakti Ananda Yoga practice leads to greater Health, Harmony & Happiness. Learn how to meditate on the inner sanctuary of your heart. The Christic white light is anchored in the heart. Shakti Ananda Yoga teaches how to expand the Christic light to experience greater Love, Wisdom, & Power; Pink, Yellow, and Blue light rays. Increase your love and devotion to God/dess with mantras, bhajans and uplifting music. Open the petals of your crown as you gain wisdom with the classical teachings of yoga and vedanta. Experience greater will power through the use of positive affirmations and decrees of the spoken word. Shakti Ananda Yoga is the Path of Maha Shakti. The Divine Mother dwells in every thing and everyone. She is the manifested Christic white light and is the Shakti energy which powers all; including Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma; the Trimurti of the Supreme One.

I teach yoga as a path of Shakti soul-awareness, Self-realization in the light, and self-realization experienced as oneness with God/dess; the Supreme One Reality. I include some of the teachings of the three major sects of Hinduism; Vaishnavism, Shaivism (Saivism), and Shaktavism. The study and practice of some of the disciplines of all three sects awakens the inner consciousness to complete awareness of the flower of life. The Shakti kundalini energy in the root chakra awakens gaining access through the altar of the heart to the Shiva energy in the crown chakra. Enlightenment is experienced in the Vishnu energy of wisdom, and the soul is completely aware of oneness with the Supreme One. This is called liberation for the soul. The soul may continue to reincarnate as an enlightened one. Ultimately, freedom from rebirth comes when the soul departs the physical body for the last time through the ascension. The inner higher Self is then magnified many times greater, by the soul having passed through the challenges and experiences of this realm of duality.

The reason to study yoga and have an enlightened teacher is to provide yourself with the assistance needed to steer your boat through the storms of the ocean of this world. Your personal teacher is your lighthouse, and directs you to your inner Self which is your connection to God/dess; Supreme One. Your personal teacher and the Masters may assist you from the inner realms. You may remember such experiences from the inner realms which may seem like dreams after you awake from sleeping. But these experiences are real and your soul benefits from them. I teach nidra yoga to assist you to spiritually open here in the physical realm, you will then be able see Masters who come to you and communicate with them. It is truly wonderful to have divine experiences and to receive blessings from God/dess.

Shakti Ananda Yoga is also about being the good Samaritan and helping others. But it is difficult to help others until you feel strong enough to do so. Healing yourself begins with surrendering human egocentric desires, and bending to the energies of the inner higher Self. A student may have difficulty in getting through personal trauma of one kind or another.  Any trauma to the soul can leave emotional waves of imbalance. This unease may even be hidden in the subconscious or be from a previous incarnation.  These waves or frequencies affect the feelings of the heart which then affects the subtle mental body. These thoughts come up out of nowhere when the student tries to meditate and they have a difficult time experiencing any feelings of peace. Without getting help, the student will just loose interest in meditating, with the idea that meditation is a waste of time. They will look for activities which keep their attention away from facing the polluted consciousness of their own mind. Meditation is a technique which needs to be practiced with devotion to the divine. When the inner awareness of the soul realizes that the attention of the mind and the feelings of the heart are on God/dess, then the soul is magnetically drawn out from hiding in the place where it rests near the base of the kundalini. And the rising energy in the subtle spine occurs, which is felt as a tingly feeling and a heat in the beginning. So, as the soul stirs with love for the Divine One, these imbalances of emotions and mental confusion are gradually cleansed through the frequencies of the light rays from God/dess. This is called the grace of God/dess. And it is only through that grace that the soul is eventually set free from delusion.

The practice of Sanskrit mantras and bhajans helps to heal imbalances in the student’s mind and heart. because the frequencies of the mantras and bhajans are on a devotional harmonic plane of sound. This is called sound healing, along with chanting aloud with them. Affirmations and decrees work in the same way, and can quickly raise the student’s frequencies into perfect alignment with their inner Self.

The three major sects of Hinduism are Vaishnavism, Shaivism (Saivism), and Shaktavism. These three paths each teach the same goal, which is to attain the Supreme One, but through a different demi-god or demi-goddess or shakti. Shaktavism is the Path of Love, Kundalini, Tantra and creative energy. Shaivism is the Path of Power. Shiva is the patron of yoga and the arts. Vaishnavism is the Path of Wisdom, Vishnu Purana.

May all who view these pages be uplifted and filled with the Grace and Divine Love of God/dess.”

~Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda
Master Teacher of Meditation & Yoga Nidra
Healing Arts & Meditation Maha Shakti Satsang
Eastern & Western Mind Training, Shakti Ananda Yoga, Sound Healing

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“The Holy One said, Fixing (their) mind on me, they that constantly adore me, being endued (besides) with the highest faith, are deemed by me to be the most devoted. They, however, who worship the Immutable, the Unmanifest, the All-pe vading, the Inconceivable, the Indifferent, the Immutable, the Eternal, who, restraining the entire group of the senses, are equal-minded in respect of all around and are engaged in the good of all creatures, (also) attain to me”, says the Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 12.4.