Authentic Traditional Yoga from the Soul of India, for a modern Western world. Inner Yoga, The Inner Space!!

Path of Maha Shakti Tantric Yoga!! Path of Love & Practice. Path of Music, Dance, Mantra, & Kirtan.

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May all who view these pages be inspired and blessed.

~Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda
Master Teacher of Meditation & Yoga Nidra
Healing Arts & Meditation Maha Shakti Satsang
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Yoga is meant to bring the soul union with the Supreme One. In the Western culture, yoga is mostly thought of as an exercise program. Most important are the spiritual teachings of yoga, guidelines for a moral life, and philosophical teachings.

Yoga has been taught for thousands of years. Students were able to live close to their teacher and progress very quickly. Today students learn online when necessary. Yoga teachings assist the student to blossom into the rose of the inner true Self. Yoga teaches how to live a healthy and balanced life of Health, Harmony & Happiness.

Shakti Ananda Yoga is the Path of Maha Shakti. The Divine Mother dwells in everything and everyone. Meditation is a practice of devotion to the Divine along with Sanskrit mantras and bhajans. This is called sound healing. Affirmations and decrees work in the same way.

Vaishnavism, Shaivism (Saivism), and Shaktavism are the three major sects of Hinduism. These three paths each teach the same goal, which is to attain the Supreme One, but through a different demi-god or demi-goddess or shakti. Shaktavism is the Path of Love, Kundalini, Tantra and creative energy. Shaivism is the Path of Power. Shiva is the patron of yoga and the arts. Vaishnavism is the Path of Wisdom, Vishnu Purana.

“The Holy One said, Fixing (their) mind on me, they that constantly adore me, being endued (besides) with the highest faith, are deemed by me to be the most devoted. They, however, who worship the Immutable, the Unmanifest, the All-pe vading, the Inconceivable, the Indifferent, the Immutable, the Eternal, who, restraining the entire group of the senses, are equal-minded in respect of all around and are engaged in the good of all creatures, (also) attain to me”, says the Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 12.4.