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Kirtan is the soulful singing of God’s name. This singing has a healing effect on both the physical as well as the subtle body. It is an excellent method to calm the nerves and to give a positive direction to the emotions. Whereas the mantras and kirtan are sung in Sanskrit, they can be in any language. Christian hymns can also be called Kirtan. 

Sanskrit, the oldest language of mankind, is also called “Devanagari”, the language of the gods. Sound is ultimately the vibration of energy. A Sanskrit mantra is a mystical energy that is in a sound structure which is in complete harmony with the chakras and the sound of Om. It consists of original vibrations that arise from the object itself or the action for which it is used. For example, in all languages, “Ma” is a similar sound in most languages. It is the natural sound, with whom the child calls his mother.
Sanskrit words are original, natural sound manifestations originating in the sound of Om. Therefore, we use them to sing. You can translate mantras, but the translation does not have the same power as from the original frequency.

To bring the energy of a mantra to vibrate, we repeat it with a certain rhythm. In the repetition of the mantra, it creates specific thought patterns. The energy is manifested and multiplied with devotion.

Word and form are like the two sides of the same coin: one does not exist without the other. If you repeat a name or word, it appears in the appropriate form of spirit. Even if one does not know the form that is associated with a particular mantra, a certain thought pattern is formed in the mind. These thought patterns are positive, soothing and calming. Every sacred mantra has been spiritualized over thousands of years by sages and masters.

In Kundalini Yoga teaching each chakra has certain number of “petals” which contain certain letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, which are written in a pattern representing the sound of energy. So when you sing and praise God’s name in Sanskrit, the chakras are stimulated and the Kundalini Shakti awakens with prana (energy). 

Chanting is the easiest way to get close to God/Goddess. In the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) kirtan yoga is practiced to uplift the soul. In every word is power. Just as the name of an object in this world evokes the idea of this object in our mind, the name of God/Goddess calls forth a higher Christ consciousness in the purified spirit, and thus prepares the ground for Self-realization and oneness with God/Goddess. 

Yoga music is the sound of the devotion of the soul for God/Goddess. The different musical tones are in direct relationship with the subtle channels (nadis) and in the energy centers (chakras). Yoga music brings these channels to vibrate and purification takes place. Yoga music cleans awakens the dormant psychic and the inner spiritual power.

Kirtan touches and opens the heart, fills the mind with purity and brings harmony and divine love. Who sings the name of God/Goddess, is uplifted from worldy consciouness. Even mechanical singing still brings a certain effect. However, when chanted with devotion and awareness of the meaning of the words chanted, the benefits are immeasurable.