Mantra and Meditation


The third variation of mediation involves a mantra. A mantra is simply a word, phrase or sound which is held in the mind. This practice is called Japa. It can either be related to the movement of breath, or simply a constant repetitive sound or phrase.

Here are a couple of examples from > Moksha Mantras:

  • Om Om Om Om – Listen Now
    Moksha Sukadev recite the Mantra for Meditation

  • Om Namah Shivaya Listen Now
    Moksha Sukadev recites the Mantra for Meditation

Your concentration will be only on these sounds or phrase. As soon as the mind wanders to other things, gently place your awareness on the wandering thought and bring your mind back to your mantra.

Once you have gone deeper into meditation, you will begin to feel deeper emotions surface which connect you to the Divine.

Daily practice of meditation is beneficial, even if for five minutes per day.  You will make mental and emotional breakthroughs you never thought possible. You you experience blessings unfolding in your life and uplifting others around you.

Meditation Mantra

Leads you through mantras in and out of meditation:
3 times Om; invocation mantras;
Silence for meditation session – (timed like an alarm clock),
3 times Om; Purnamadah; Om Shanti
– 10 minutes silent meditation – Audio MP3


LEVEL ONE – Raising Vitality, Strength and Awareness

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From the section on Mantra:

The chanting of mantras activates and accelerates the creative spiritual force, promoting harmony in all parts of the human being. The devotee is gradually converted into a living centre of spiritual vibration, which may be directed for the benefit of the one who uses it and for that of others.

During the early stages of Yogic practice, the chosen mantra has to be repeated over and over again with effort of will and full awareness. This awareness and concentration prevents the mind from thinking of other things. Eventually after continuous and dedicated practice, the mantra is repeated automatically without strain or effort. The mantra spontaneously manifests itself and becomes an integral part of the mind. The mind vibrates with the sound of the mantra. It becomes an integral part of the individual’s being and needs absolutely no conscious effort. It repeats itself spontaneously with every breath, day and night. This is a very powerful way of approaching meditation states, for the mind is rendered calm and concentrated.The mantra acts as a pathway between normal states of consciousness and super consciousness.