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In the year 203 A. D. boy Nagaraj was born in what is now the seaport town of Porto Novo on the eastern coast of India. While still a youth he was kidnapped by a Pathan and taken north to Dacca. He was later released and migrated to Benares where he shone as a Sanskrit scholar of great eminence.

Discontent with this early success and destined for a greater end, he sailed by boat to the powerful shrine of Katarigama on the southern coast of Lanka. For 18 months he plunged into meditation where, with his astute intellect, he analyzed the different philosophical systems. Drawing inspiration from the great Siddha of Science, Boganathar, he was able to appreciate and understand the full significance of Siddhantha Yoga and Soruba Samadhi and he accepted the challenge of attaining this supreme mystic goal.

Following the inner call, he wandered throughout South India. His destiny unfolded and he was initiated into the mysteries of Kundalini Yoga by the great Tamil Siddha, Agastya Maharishi at Courtrallam.

Babaji soon retired to a lonely Himalayan cave, where he remained absorbed in intensive Yogic sadhana for years to overcome the limitations of death. Babaji vowed to his beloved sister Mataji, at her request, that he would delay his ascension and stay in this octave for a thousand years to assist in holding the balance for the souls of light still evolving. In this way, he is able to manifest a physical body at will.

The immortal Babaji made his own contributions to the nucleus given by Sage Agastya, renamed it “Kriya”, and has retained his form through the centuries tapping many, speaking to few and materializing to give darshan to his saintly chosen. For centuries he worked behind the scenes as the source of inspiration and guidance to past Kriya Masters like Adi Shankara, Kabir Das, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Shri Mahashaktiananda and many others.

Thus He is the climax of the Eighteen Tamil Yoga Siddhas tradition, which includes Thirumoolar, Ramadevar, Kumbamuni, Konkanavar, Sattamuni, Karoovurar, Sundaranandar, Valmiki, NandiDevar, Paambati, Boganathar, Macchamuni Patanjali, Dhanvanthri, Goraknath, Kudambai, Idaikadar and Kamala Muni.

Kriya Yoga, the most ancient system of Yoga, has been practiced as part of Siva Yoga Siddhantham through the ages, immemorial. It was revived by Kriya Babaji around 1794. Kriya Yoga is a five-fold path of Kriya Hatha Yogum, Kriya Vasi Yogum (pranayam), Kriya Dhyana Yogum (meditation), Kriya Mantra Yogum and Kriya Bhakti Yogum ( the Yoga of Love and Devotion). It is the path of Kriya Mulaguru Babaji Nagaraj. The Guru in the Kriya Yoga Order is Sathguru Kriya Babaji; incarnation of Lord Vishnu also manifested as Lord Krishna.

Kriya is referred to as Scientific Mysticism. It is not a religion but an integral way of life, leading to all-round development: mystic, mental, and physical.

Jnana means knowledge, mystic and material, in yogic philosophy. The proper outlook and mental background are essential for progress, otherwise the precious teachings of the Kriya Yogi will go to waste and fail to sprout like seeds sowed in barren ground. The flower-bed must be tilled and prepared to yield the beautiful blossoms of Kriya. Hence the aspirant must pass through the preliminary stage of being examined, studied, and trained by the Guru before being accepted for Kriya Initiation.

Mantras are sacred which are meant to be repeated over and over again; that is called japa. Traditionally, the sadhak chants these sacred mantras to the satisfaction of the master. Mantra Sastra is a vast, scientific art with different grades or steps and combined with Dhyana (meditation) the aspirant is led into the deeper mysteries to realize the inner true Self and God/Goddess.

The fourth facet of the tradition in initiation is Kriya Kundalini Pranayam, a form of Raja Yoga which has been in existence for centuries and the technique varies from master to master. Receiving the nucleus from Agasthya Maharishi at Shakti Peatam, Courtrallam, South India, Kriya Babaji is an adept and made His original contributions to the scientific art during His long sojourn at Badrinath, Himalayas.

The Kriya Yoga technique; also called Shakti Kriya Yoga; is not published and given recklessly for it is a double edged weapon. If practiced under an able experienced master the benefits are immense, with increased prana to the whole system. If it is practiced without proper guidance it may be harmful to the practitioner. One must be able to handle the energy which Kriya practice brings. This is one of the main reasons that it is kept a secret, and is to be received from the Guru in private. Further, to begin with, only a simple preliminary initiation will be given and after the aspirant has been made fit through arduous sadhana he or she will be taught the advanced techniques.

The last phase and climax of the sadhana is Sathguru Dheeksha (initiation and blessing by the Sathguru; Satguru). A Guru (master) is one who has realized God and can dispel the darkness of ignorance. The Guru shows the path to God/Goddess. The Sathguru can initiate a disciple with a touch, glance, or through spiritual energy. In the final stages the Kriya sadhak may reach the goal with one leap after receiving Dheeksha from the Sathguru.

With the blessings of the Kriya Mulaguru, Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda offers Shakti Kriya Yoga initiation. Irrespective of nationality or religious beliefs anyone can seek initiation who would accept their inner true Self as their ideal and seek assistance for them to become one with God/Goddess.

All aspirants will be tested thoroughly before being accepted by the Sathguru. The disciple needs patience and self-sacrifice to receive omnipotent Grace from God/Goddess through the Sathguru. This is one of the greatest blessings human beings can aspire for. The Sathguru will provide a distinct course of sadhana for the disciple, taking into full consideration his/her past and the previous sadhana for the path which best suits them.

Kriya Yoga is not a dull, flat path applied with monotonous uniformity to all, but varied from person to person according to their needs and fitness. Some become mantra sadhaks (emphasis is more on mantras), some shine as karma yogis and a few are guided along the path of Kriya Hatha Yoga and so on. All may share the mystic treasures of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga through the teachings of the Himalayan masters brought forth by Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda. 


    In this world of materialistic rationalism many a a soul blinks in wonder whether it is ever possible for Kriya Babaji, the great reviver of Kriya Yoga, to have lived for over 1751 years having been born in 203 A.D. at  Porto Novo, Tamil Nad, South India.  For such doubting Thomases Kriya Babaji has allowed us to publish for the first time the following signature of His with a hieroglyphic symbol:


The great saying of the Kriya Mulaguru:  “ALL MISSIONS ARE MY MISSIONS.”

Aum      Amen     Amin

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