Dakshina Offering

aumsm..Dakshina Offering

In all spiritual traditions, giving is considered an essential spiritual practice. In the yogic tradition, the practice of offering to our spiritual path from our own wealth or earnings is called dakshina. Through this offering of love, we acknowledge the transforming power of the Guru’s grace and teachings in our lives.

As with all spiritual practices, dakshina brings its own blessings and gifts to us as we practice it. People often share that offering dakshina opens their hearts and nurtures their capacity to give in all aspects of their lives. As we engage in the natural cycle of giving and receiving, we find our own experience of gratitude is magnified. And on a more mystical level, as we offer dakshina, we deepen our capacity to receive and assimilate the grace flowing from the Guru.

We offer dakshina out of love, to that which we love. Through the practice of dakshina, we consciously acknowledge and strengthen our commitment to our spiritual path.

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