Chakra Mantras

aumsm.. Mantras for the Seven Chakras


Healing and Balancing the 7 Chakras with Beej Mantras

There are several methods or ways for balancing and healing a chakra imbalance. One of the methods to treat a Chakra imbalance is by chanting the Beeja Mantra (also referred to as Bij or Bija or Seed Mantras) related to each Chakra. The bija mantras used for chakra healing are seven Sanskrit words that correspond to the 7 major Chakras in the subtle body. These Beeja Mantras have immense healing powers.

The Beeja Mantras

LAM  –  1st Muladhara Chakra
(Root or Base)

VAM  –  2nd Swadhisthana Chakra
                    (Sacral or Seat of Soul)

RAM  –  3rd Manipura Chakra
(Solar Plexus)

YAM  –  4th Anahata Chakra

HAM  –  5th Vishuddha Chakra

AUM  –  6th Ajna Chakra
(Third Eye)

AUM  –  7th Sahasrara Chakra
(Crown) Sound of Silence