aumsm..Requirements of Yogic Practices


1.) Gas or fuel for the body comes from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and a small amount from the radiation of the sun’s rays. Most of the energy for the body we get is from the air we breathe, and not as is commonly assumed from food and water.
2.) Electric current, pranic energy, is supplied from the solar plexus, which is the storage battery for the body. Lack of energy will put the whole system out of order.
3.) Cooling system for the body is provided through relaxation.
4.) Lubrication of the joints is achieved by various bodily movements. The nerve currents carry electricity in human beings.
5.) Directing Intelligence, or the mind, should be properly controlled. Prayer, devotion to the one Supreme Being, love, courage, discrimination between the real and the unreal, will train the mind as an intelligent driver.

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