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What is Yoga?

Yoga means union. Yoga practice leads to the discovery of your inner self and to live a more relaxed and healthier life. Yoga means the harmonization of body, mind and soul. Learn how yoga exercises and meditation help to strengthen your health and concentration. 

Many people associate the word yoga with health and fitness through the practice of graceful postures and relaxation. True, but yoga includes much more.

1 ) The word yoga, sometimes also written “yoga” comes from Sanskrit and means “unity, harmony”. The practice of yoga brings about a harmonization of body, mind and soul. It leads to a realization of the original unity and connectedness with the entire cosmos. 

2 ) Yoga includes techniques to achieve these goals. We use yoga for better quality of life, balance and energy. The ideal entry is the practice of Hatha Yoga. It provides many tools such as physical exercises, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation. In a broader sense it also includes healthy eating and positive thinking.

3) In yoga, there are several directions. Shaktiananda Yoga teaches holistic yoga in the tradition of Patanjali and the Himalayan masters. Shaktiananda yoga is developed for the spiritual progress of the student to unfold.

Yogalehrerausbildung_01_25cb4e0023Who can practice yoga?

Basically everyone can practice yoga: children and the elderly, women and men. Depending on your physical condition and life circumstances, the exercises can be adjusted. If you have complaints, first ask your doctor or physical therapist if yoga is advisable for you. 

Yoga is good, fun, and promotes health. It is deemed one of the best “middle” of stress management. This is scientifically proven.

Tensions dissolve, thereby stress-related back, neck pain and headaches are relieved or not even arise. The defenses are increased and the immune system is strengthened.

In addition to a better mood and more energy reported by yoga practitioners, mental clarity and increased concentration improve. Yoga also promotes serenity and inner peace. Discover for yourself how yoga affects you, by trying to practice it.

How can I learn yoga?

There are many ways to learn yoga. Whether gentle or intense there is something suitable for everyone:

  • Locate a Yoga studio located in your area.

  • Join a  Meditation Group

  • Study Yoga and Meditation Instruction Online

shaktianandayoga-1What is a yoga class?

A classic yoga session usually lasts one and a half hours. Practice daily 30 or 60 minutes at home. The class may begin with a short initial relaxation. Then follows the breathing exercises (pranayama) to activate the energies and harmonize. Pranayama increases your lung capacity and helps for better oxygenation of the body. 

The yoga class may begin with preparatory warm-up exercises and then the actual yoga postures that make up the main part of the yoga class.

shaktianandayoga-2In the yoga postures you go slowly and deliberately with deep, uniform abdominal breathing. You hold the exercise very concentrated and then into the following posture in a flowing motion. At the end of the class there will be a brief relaxation on the mat and you will experience new strength and energy to go back to everyday life.

Hatha Yoga – Yoga for Health and Wellbeing

yinyang1Hatha yoga is the most widely practiced yoga to prepare the body for the disciplines of the other yogas. The word ‘Hatha’ has two meanings: it is called “effort”, “exercise”. This expresses that you yourself are practicing, you are striving. ‘Ha’ means sun “tha” means moon. Hatha yoga is to activate and harmonize the solar and lunar energies within us which are often referred to as the yin (female) and yang (male). Solar energy is for centering, providing more energy and confidence. The Moon represents energy relaxation, intuition and sensitivity. Hatha Yoga ensures that both energies are stronger. Ha and Tha is for the two types of exercises in Hatha Yoga. There are active, demanding exercises such as the sun salutation, and there are gentle, relaxing exercises such as deep relaxation.

Hatha Yoga Practice:

shaktianandayoga-4Hatha yoga consisting of the following exercises:
• Exercises and flowing movements for the activation of the cardiovascular system. Best known is the sun salutation.
• Asanas are the calm held postures in which to stretch the body, which condition and promote coordination, for a better body and removal of blockages in the system.
• Pranayama are the breathing exercises for purifying the entire human system and thereby promoting the health of the respiratory system and the heart, pranayama opens the body for a stronger energy flow and more power.
• Deep relaxation, stimulates the body and mind thoroughly.
• Yoga practice includes meditation and/or a short mantra recitation. This is used to get a deeper access to the inner voice, to silence and to open to the Divine.

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