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What is Shakti Ananda Yoga ?

4-anahata-972128_136832383183857_104181381_n (2)Yoga means union. Anyone can enjoy this powerful practice, which returns Hatha Yoga to its original purpose as a tool for spiritual growth. What is the practice about and what is unique about it?

Shaktiananda Yoga includes the teachings of Ashtanga Yoga of Macchamuni Patanjali which involves discovering the eight limbs of yoga and their impact in our yoga practice as well as in our daily life. Ashtanga helps us to understand ourselves and the relationship we have with the outside world and with our environment. Shaktiananda Yoga is a yogic practice of the heart, head and hand representing the Trinity of the One.

Welcome. Shaktiananda Yoga is from the tradition of the ancient teachings of the yogic masters of India. These teachings are for anyone interested in benefiting from the healing power of this ancient art.

Each of us has our own starting point and it is here that we begin our personal journey to health, happiness and beyond. I teach the Siddha Path which leads to spiritual freedom in the bliss of union with the Divine One. 

Shaktiananda Yoga is a teaching with it’s emphasis on the exalted journey to the inner church. This is a non-sectarian path for souls who are sincerely seeking union with the Creator. May you find inspiration in your own spiritual path at this site. May you experience the consciousness of inner joy and the presence of the Divine in every moment of your life.”

   ~ Gurudevi Ma      


Logo-IYEA-Badge-Independent Yoga Educators of AmericaGurudevi provides spiritual instruction to her students as they gain personal enrichment according to their own efforts and practice. Gurudevi does not offer vocational training. These teachings of yoga are for the immediate needs of the student so that spiritual progress may unfold more quickly. Gurudevi, Shri Mahashaktiananda is a Member of Independent Yoga Educators.

Shaktiananda Yoga teachings include various yoga postures, breathing techniques, cleansing kriyas, and meditation techniques.

Visualization of Yantras connects us to our inner balance and harmony.

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